7.13" Everyday Blue Floral Print Ceramic Vase

Size Guide


The Flora Bunda Tabletop 7.13" artificial floral arrangement in a Blue Floral Print Ceramic Vase is a beautiful vase with a stunning floral print design that adds a touch of elegance and to any room in your home. This vase is crafted from high-quality ceramic materials that leave a glossy finish. The vase features a sleek, tapered shape with a narrow neck and a wide base, providing ample space to display your favorite floral arrangements. The vase's floral print is hand-painted, adding an artistic touch to the piece. With a height of approximately 13”, this vase is perfect for displaying on a tabletop or as a statement piece on a mantel or shelf. Its neutral color scheme makes it easy to incorporate into any existing decor, while the intricate floral design adds a touch of charm to your space.